We recently spoke with Marie Cocciolone, CEO and Founder of inskin Cosmedics (a national skincare distribution company) and O Cosmedics, a new ‘cosmedical’ range of skincare available through beauty salons nationally.  Marie has worked in the industry for 25 years and recently embarked on a new project to put her expertise in skincare into a brand new skincare brand.  Since its launch last year, O Cosmedics has become a million dollar business success story!



What is your favourite:

Blog:  Wish I could say mine – that would mean I have actually completed my first!

Online store:  ssshhhh, we don’t use that word around here … our focus is keeping sales and jobs in Australia

Album: anything Italian

Book: currently reading “a reason to believe” Ron Tesoriero

Restaurant: recently enjoyed a five start meal at Incontro in South Perth, W.A


1.     What is the Inskin Cosmedics and O Cosmedics story? What inspired you to start your business?

My main reason for going into business was to bring the heart and soul back to an industry that was being taking over by “cowboys”.  By cowboys I mean non-industry players 9mainly males) in it to make a quick buck, not interested in nurturing relationships or partnering dreams of small business owners.

I myself had worked for a couple of questionable individuals who taught me “what not to do” in business.  Being an aesthetician myself I felt I could offer the industry an opportunity to partner a supplier with integrity, a win-win philosophy, a profitable opportunity not to mention advanced and innovative skin care and beauty devices.

I started inskincosmedics in 2007 with Sircuit Skin a boutique cosmeceutical brand from L.A, eight months later we were honoured to add emerginC cosmeceuticals from New York to our profile. Between both brands our offer was exceptional both in skin solutions and consumer experience however we lacked one critical component to complete our offer and that was our very own locally made brand…enter O Cosmedics, which after five years of intense R&D, formulating (reformulating) and trialling successfully launched in 2010.


2.     How long has the journey been?

(Smile.  Reflection.) Feels like a lifetime and to some extent it is. Every day brings with it learning and in the end we are who we are simply because of our background, environment and life experiences. I don’t think of inskincosmedics as a business as such, my staff our inskin family and our clients we call our partners. I run inskincosmedics the way i like to be treated in life; hence I do believe the journey started some 40 years ago.


3.     What do you enjoy most about running your own business?

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the people who touch and teach me daily and the product development is orgasmic…am i allowed to say that lol! The industry is a far cry from the smell good, feel good stuff i signed up for 26 years ago, our offer is serious, cosmedical and makes a true, visible skin difference. Being able to deliver this to everyday people is super satisfying, making a skin difference is “the’ best!


4.     What has been your biggest challenge?

Getting out of bed in anticipation of “what will today bring” hehehe … When you work with people every day “throws” challenges, that’s life. Who owes you money, who woke up on the wrong side of the bed, who lost a sale to an internet store, who used the product wrong … nothing life threatening but certainly ensures we “never have a dull day”!


5.     What is your point of difference?

It goes without saying our products are the world’s best, we have skin solutions for all skin types and conditions, we use natural, chemical free ingredients that are safe and effective,  leading the way to a new category of skincare that being cosmedical. With all this said our real point of difference is our people and the way we do business.  Inskincosmedics is known for its ethics, integrity, real nature, its personal touch, the way our partners feel like part of our family, the way we flex to meet individual and business needs, our win-win philosophy and our genuine interest in our partners.


6.     Tell us about your successes to date.

My biggest success would have to be inskincosmedics, we started the business and less than one year later we were hit by the GFC – five years down the track we live to tell the story, business is growing and we are stronger than ever (ok with a few more grey hairs). Our own Australian Made cosmedical brand O Cosmedics is award winning material if we must say so ourselves (don’t mind if we do brag), it is strong in the professional market and just this year we venture into our first export opportunity being New Zealand, exciting times ahead!


7.     What advice would you give to someone thinking about or just starting out in business?

Think long and hard and ask yourself what you hope to achieve by ‘doing it for yourself”. Make sure that you have the capital and business brains to back the venture and that you know your business INSIDE OUT and then …wait there’s more, give it your own twist that will make it different to what your competitors are offering!  Times are tough, the world has changed … think long and hard.


8.     Where do you see your business in 5 – 10 years’ time?

Inskincosmedics will be “the” number one skincare supplier in Australia and O cosmedics will be sold in all major countries internationally!


9.     Any other information or details you might like to add?

Inskincosmedics has built an offer that is based on science, clinical studies and proven evidence that ageing can be prevented and corrected.  Comsetics with a T are very different to cosmedics with a D for Dr. Cosmedics offer high strength, active ingredients that can make a physiological difference ‘in” the skin offering visible skin health and skin youth. O cosmedics is a world first with its very own V8 peptide complex to ensure actives penetrate and stimulate natural skin responses.


Inskin Cosmedics and O Cosmedics


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