I am totally a victim of the To-Do list…another fabulous article from the organisation queen Lady Calamity!

I have been unwell lately, and when I got a friendly reminder by the lovely Bianca Hall from The Social Factory that it was Tuesday, I was shocked. Had I really been sitting on the couch for THAT LONG?! I have unwittingly lost precious time – about 4 days, to be exact.

During those days, everything went out the window. I quite literally, did nothing. And consequently, my to-do list is much longer than I would like to be.

In fact, when I woke myself up from my comatosed state I got myself in to a bit of a tizz. Where do I start?

So, I did what I always do and I started to write myself a list.

But you should have seen this list! I got a little carried away. It had everything on there from my outstanding blog to cooking ANZAC biscuits for ANZAC Day. I soon realised that this list was not productive! It then occurred to me that others might face the same problem when it comes to writing a ‘to-do’ list. And so today I hope to help you tackle your list!

How do we make a list go from just a list, to an empowering tool that will help us tackle our day and consequently, stay in control of our lives?  

First of all, let me say that it is perfectly fine to list absolutely every single thing that you need to do in your day. I do it, it helps me realise what is packed in to my day and how to go about doing things. What you need to do is prioritise that list.

I learnt this off a good friend of mine, Steve Eastwood from Small Fish Business Coaching and I have never looked back. You list your items under these headings:

Important but not urgent – important to you to complete but not so urgent that it needs to be done RIGHT NOW

Urgent but not important (at least to you) – urgent but it might not necessarily be important to you (eg, is it urgent in your hubby’s/ boss’/ employees eyes, but not yours)

Urgent and important – nothing further needed here!

Distractions – classic example is ANZAC cookies!

If you can prioritise your list in this way, it will help you realise what needs to be done, and what doesn’t need to be done right this minute. This will allow you to then schedule your time accordingly, and this will make you feel like you can breathe much easier. I know it does the trick for me!

So next time you feel like your to-do list is starting to get a bit long in the tooth, have a good long look at it and see how you can categorise your actions. Having a clear outlook at what you need to do and then being able to see where it lands priority wise, is a great way to help you improve your productivity and also bring back a good calm balance to your day.


Until next week!


Lady Calamity x

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