{Get Organised} Hello Desk!

Hello desk. How lovely it is to see you so clean, fresh and free of paper. I have missed you so.

If you are an avid reader, you will know that my partner is a builder. And what does a builder love more than a hammer? Paper. Lots and lots of paper. Different sizes too. A4, A3, post-it notes of every size and colour. Oh yes, he loves paper. They add, subtract, scribble, make lists, write invoices and quotes… I don’t know what it is about this profession that makes it so reliable on old school techniques rather than using a computer and saving the trees. Many a tree has died because of us. It’s sad.

Anyway, as someone who works from home (and just generally being a neat freak), I was quite distressed to see it being taken over this weekend for an epic 3 days of quoting (yes it’s still going). Gone was the beautiful, calm, inviting and pretty study that I put so much TLC in to. It really was the place to be to get work done. Now it is spoiled and broken, until tonight anyway.

And so this got me thinking, how does your desk look at work or at home? Is it the picture of perfection? Simply serene? Are you putting Clearasil to shame and looking clean and clear? Or are you in a devastatingly disorganized state?

Did you know that the state of our desk tells people a lot about us – whether we like it or not. A recent study in America by Adecco shows that 57% of Americans judge people by the state of their desk – and generally not in a good way! For example, 33% of those people think that a messy desk means that you are lazy. A huge 73% of people think that those with a clean desk are more productive.

I personally love this last statistic. It’s one that is actually true, for one thing! And the other is that it proves my point that the tidier your desk is, the more you will get through. Excuse the French, but you simply cannot be productive when you are surrounded by crap.

So what are the kinds of things that should be on your desk, and what should you eliminate?

I am not usually one to go for this wave of fashion, but in this particular case I am a huge fan of minimisation. If you can get away with having nothing on your desk, do it! But of course this is a bit unrealistic. Instead I go for my computer, a filing tray and an action tray, and a jar for my pens. Not much huh? Everything else has a spot in a draw or in folders. Anything else that is on your desk is only a distraction – that includes random bits of paper.

The best way to get the most out of your workspace is to keep it clear of clutter and unnecessary paper. Use an action tray, which is where you will keep all of the things that need to be done. Take one item – and ONE item only! – out at a time and finish it, file it away, and then move on to the next. But not before!

Urgent tasks come up, of course. But try, try, try to resist!

Another golden nugget is to try and print as little as possible. For one thing, you are killing trees. For another, you are creating yourself a giant paperwork mess. Paper that you generally make yourself then file which, again, is no goof for the trees, but you are also creating more work for yourself! Remember: less paper = less filing = more time. Yay!

And finally, a note on filing. Yes we all hate it, but it is a necessary evil. Instead of watching the filing tray grow and then procrastinating about when you will or will not do it, do yourself a favour and file as you go. A very productive use of your time and you won’t have to hate coming in to the office everyday knowing that there is a giant lot of filing to be done!

Until next week,

Lady Calamity x

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[see http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-505125_162-57410766/stop-being-the-office-slob/?tag=nl.e713 for more statistics from Adecco and a great article on why you should stop being the office slob!]

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