It’s my birthday and I’m not really in the mood or care too much to celebrate it this year. It’s one of those weeks when you have a million and one things going through your mind, lots to do, but just don’t seem to be getting anywhere. We did manage to clean out that 3rd bedroom and paint, so at least we can start setting up the room which is a little exciting. The only down side to it is that my lounge and dining room is now full of stuff that I have no idea where to put. Hmmmm…….I hate clutter and mess. I had my monthly OB check up – bubs is doing well and progressing nicely.



I’m feeling great – sometimes even have to remind myself that I’m pregnant. I’m starting to go through a cleaning, clean up and clear out phase. Trying to declutter and get rid of the stuff we don’t need. Easter is coming up and I’ve schedule at least 2 of the 4 day holiday to clear out the 3rd bedroom and garage. Cue ute, garbage bags and a lot of disagreements with the husband.



I’m really starting to show – well I think I am. I hate this stage when people aren’t sure to ask whether you are pregnant or that you’ve just put on some serious weight. I’m starting to have to get creative with my wardrobe, which means being limited in what I can wear. I didn’t buy any maternity clothes with my first child and hope not to have to again. I can’t stand the thought of having to wear maternity clothes – my belly belt is as far as I’ll go. My only concern is that I lived in flowy dresses (summer pregnancy) but this time around, I’ll have a winter bub.


My biggest concern at the moment is not the pending arrival of bub number 2, but where on earth I am going to put everything. We live in a 3 bedroom house and bedroom number 3 is our office/storage/spare room which is filled to the brim and without a spare piece of carpet in sight. Everything in there has to go or at least be moved. I need to get creative or as my husband says – get rid of it all. Little does he realize that most of the stuff in there is his……..


Knowing how expensive it is to be pregnant and bring new bubs into the world, I thought I would get myself better prepared this time around. I sit down to do a baby budget, thinking of the things we need to get, the doctors appointments, the scans, the rebates etc. We have the majority of it from our first baby, so I didn’t think our budget this time around would be too great. I was still shocked when I tallied up my figures to see that its not going to be much cheaper than first time around. Even though I have most baby things, I now need to upgrade everything for my first bub – big girl bed, new car seat etc etc…….


I had my nuchal scan which now officially tells me that everything is ok and I can relax with the pregnancy. I’m feeling great and even have a little bounce in my step. Bubba looks great and is nice and healthy.



I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. My appetite is coming back and I’m actually hungry. Despite how I’m feeling, I force myself to make an effort for a friends wedding. I book in to have my hair blow dryed and I find myself a dress that I don’t feel fat and frumpy in. I already feel that I look 6 months pregnant!!!!!



My first appointment with my obstetrician. Slightly excited – he’s great, easy going, no fuss and gets straight to the point. Everything checks out fine and bub’s tiny heart is pumping away like a race horse. Not much to see on the ultrasound but black and white cells and a tiny flicker that you can hardly see (the heart beating). Relieved, we head home and I fall asleep.

WEEK 6 – 9

Yep – morning sickness has definitely hit. I don’t want to get out of bed in the morning and could literally sleep all day. No such luck with a 20 month to look after and work to be done. My weeks are full of work meetings and I need to be onsite for an event – so there’s no time to be sick. I spent my week munching on vita weets with vegemite. It’s all I can stomach right now.


We get home from holidays and after what seemed like days of unpacking I head to my GP. She takes my blood pressure, writes my referral to my OB and sends me off to get the routine blood tests. I hate needles and feel faint as the doctor drains 6 viles of blood from me. I’m tired but feel fine at the moment – I think about what’s to come and am anxious about the coming weeks. My previous pregnancy was great except that I had morning sickness from about 6 – 12 weeks, all day every day. I hope I don’t have the same this time around, but somehow I feel I won’t be escaping it!!!!


I was due to get my period on Monday and it didn’t come. I’ve been like clockwork for the past few months, so I was somewhat curious for not getting it. It wasn’t the first time that I’ve been late and thought nothing of it. It’s Wednesday and I find myself in the personal care section of Woolies. I’m certain I’m not pregnant but for peace of mind (and so I can continue enjoying several vinos) I decide to buy a pregnancy test. I get back to the apartment and off I go. I didn’t even bother telling my husband what I was doing as I was sure that it would be negative and I can keep enjoying my holiday with a few summer drinks.


I’m pregnant……. I race upstairs to tell my husband and he is shocked but absolutely delighted. The best news all year (yes it’s the 4th of Jan). I can’t believe it. I’m in total shock but completely over joyed. The party has come to an end, but more importantly, it’s the best new year present I could have asked for…… 2012 is going to be great. Cheers to you.


We’ve just survived Christmas and headed north for our summer holiday. Every day is bliss – warm sunny days, lots of swimming, walks on the beach, catching up with family and friends and enjoying a nice cold glass of vino or two every afternoon. We’ve just celebrated the new year and my husband and I sit down and talk about the exciting ventures to come in 2012 – launching a new business, getting further ahead in our finances, planning an overseas holiday and a vow to spend more time with family and friends.


I went off the pill several months ago with the thought of trying to fall pregnant again. We have been blessed with our daughter Stella who is almost 2 and we feel that it’s time to start planning for another. We hadn’t been actively trying and given that Christmas and the new year was upon us, we definitely thought it would be best to not bother trying considering we had many xmas parties and plenty of alcohol consumption to be had………….

We’re very excited to announce that we will be welcoming another member to The Social Factory family.

I’m 17 weeks pregnant with my second child and have been writing a weekly pregnancy diary (I know, 17 weeks already – it’s taken a while to get myself organised). It’s been a collection of thoughts, feelings and concerns so far and something we’d love to share with our fabulous readers.

We invite you to join us each week as we update the diary and count down to bubba’s arrival………














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