I want to teach you how to make your skin look flawless.It’s the one thing that can turn almost ANY make up, into a beautiful one.

I believe your skin should always look fresh, dewy and flawless.

If you’ve read my post on Skin Prep, you may now read this post, which is all about making your skin look beautiful.

If you haven’t read it, STOP jumping ahead and get back over to the Skin Prep post and finish reading it! C’mon, I’m even making it easy for you! The links are RIGHT HERE!

Tsk tsk.

Now that your skin is all moisturized and supple, let’s talk about foundation.

I personally don’t like the look (or feel) of matte skin.

I find it unflattering.  It doesn’t help highlight nice features. It looks dull and it is actually ages the look of your face.

And frankly, it reminds me of little old ladies who have been wearing the same make up since they were 20 when dewy skin was probably some sort of sin.

I also don’t like the look of foundation that looks as though its been caked on every day for a week, layer after layer, without being removed.  You may think it “covers” your blemishes, but really it just makes everyone think there must be something really ugly under all that make up that needs to be hidden.

I’m sorry to say it, but its true.

I’m well aware that not everyone has perfect skin, but the secret to faking it’s perfection is to only cover the parts that really need covering, not your entire face.

Firstly,  I use a yellow-based foundation with medium coverage that looks and feels quite sheer that can be blended easily.  I use my favourite little foundation brush to apply the foundation all over my face (including eyelids) and massage the product into my skin until it just about looks like I’m not wearing any make up at all.

You can learn how to colour match your foundation in my previous post “Foundation lines, be gone.

Then I apply a thick, creamy concealer (also yellow based) with a concealer brush (or my fingers) to my eyelids, under my eyes and around my nose to cover any redness, and on any blemishes I may have.

I then buff the concealer into my skin with my foundation brush.  If you have very obvious blemishes, you may want to skip the buffing part and just gently pat the concealer onto your blemishes with your fingertips or a pointy concealer brush and make sure it all blends beautifully.

When covering blemishes, always use a concealer that’s either the same shade as your foundation, or a shade darker.  If you use a lighter shade, that’s technically going to highlight the blemish, which is like saying “HELLO EVERYONE, HERE IS MY PIMPLE!”

If the concealer you use doesn’t cover your blemishes, try a new one, a thicker one.  Sometimes you do have to fork out a bit of extra cash for a product that’s better suited to your needs, but for your skin to look flawless, it’s definitely worth it.

Lastly, grab some some loose translucent powder onto an eye shadow brush and apply liberally to your eyelids.  This creates a smooth, even base for eye shadow or eyeliner to be applied and if you’re not going to wear anything on your eyelids, it will at least stop that little foundation crease from forming. All day.

Your skin should now be looking and feeling fabulous, fresh and flawless.

NB: All of these photos are one hundred percent real.  This is how I look in the morning and this is how i really do apply make up.

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