Clearing your head space

Our organisation and time-management contributor Jessica Reid aka Lady Calamity shares her tips on avoiding overwhelm!

One of the things that I hope to achieve through my blogs is a sense of reality. There is nothing that annoys
me more than a professional who bases their knowledge and therefore their teachings solely on information
that they have extracted from books. Absolutely, education is important! But I am also a very firm believer
in having solid research and real case studies behind you to base your findings and therefore teachings, on
something legitimate.

It’s like the Queen lecturing you on how to wash the dishes. Contradiction much?

Sooo… My case studies…! It is no secret to those of you who are already familiar with my weekly tales that
my family regularly comes under attack and are often the focal point of the week’s story. The poor things,
sometimes they feel like they are living in a soap opera – everyone knowing everything about them but they
have no idea how. Only this isn’t Home & Away, they don’t have a chance in LA and no one cares about who
the story is about – they just want to know how it’s relative to them. And this is why I pick on them like I do!
Because I want everyone to know that even though I am a professional in the field of organising, I still have
the same issues as everyone else. And I hope that by retelling my “fascinating” tales and how I overcome
these challenges, you might just learn how to apply the same principals to your very real life, too.

And so, without further ado, this weeks “case study”…

You would think that my household would be the most enviable place to be, me being so organised and tidy
and all. But I am ashamed to say that it’s not always the case. You see, my home is not the home to just one
family owned business, but two! That’s right, my partner (ahem, and me) run a construction company as well.
Apparently I am so organised with my timekeeping that I also have time to manage a second business, with
a third in the pipeline. Yes, really. My household is an enviable place to be.

Anyway, as try as I might, my man will just not listen to me when it comes to tips on how to keep himself
organised and stress free. And he NEEDS to listen. A CLASSIC example was our day yesterday. We are
going through the process of tendering at the moment for some large scale projects – something that we
have never done before and there is literally a list in front of us that is about 2 pages long with projects
that he wants in on. First of all, completely unrealistic! Second of all, while he is doing this he still needs to
organise another huge project that is starting this week, manage people, find more smaller jobs to fill the
gaps, call suppliers, do this and do that and of course actual manual work… do you see where I am going
with this?

Now hang in there my rambling does have a lesson to be learned…

By about 3pm yesterday I was at the end of my tether. There was only so much “dammit I forgot to do this! I
forgot to call that bloke! I forgot to organise the thing!” I could handle in one day. It was time for time out, and
a lesson on time management, whether he liked it or not.

I said that he could not possibly function in this state. You WILL drive yourself and everyone else around you
absolutely crazy and you will start to slip. And this week, this is my lesson to you.

When the world feels like it is caving in, and you simply have too much to do, STOP. Take 5 minutes
to do a stock take and realise what is happening around you. Then, CLEAR YOUR HEAD.

That’s right, clear your head. The one way, the simplest way, to feel like you have regained control of the
steering wheel is to clear your head of all the things that are cramming in there. We aren’t wizards, we have
no dish to spill our thoughts in to when they become too much like Professor Dumbledore, no matter how
much we wish we did. But, you will be pleased to know that a simple pen and paper will do.

So this week I want you to constantly be checking yourself, and moving the tasks from your head on to
a piece of paper. This way you can physically see what needs to be done, rather than be worrying about
something that you might have forgotten. It also gives you an opportunity to properly prioritise, complete
items and move on to the next, rather than jumping between a million different things and never fully finishing
something off.

And on that note, I have a list that needs some attention today!

Until next week,

Lady Calamity x

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