Tutorial – How to create gorgeous waves

Just in time for the weekend, Rachael Brook shares the insider secrets on achieving the perfect wave. I’m going to give it a try this weekend!! I always stop at Step 6….clearly getting it wrong!

Rachael Brook is a fashion make-up artist who works with leading Australian lifestyle magazines along with some of Australia’s most well known models and brands. You can find out what Rachael gets up to here http://allureofbeauty.com






One of my FAVOURITE hairstyles to do (and wear) is a beautiful wave.

It’s my go-to, easy to achieve style that suits any occasion.

It can be brushed & sprayed into a neat, shiny wave, or left for a few days to look more worn.

I am constantly asked how to achieve this look…

So – here’s how!

Let me tell you – Its all about the product!

In order of appearance we have – Wella Sea Salt Spray, Fudge Liquid Skrewd, Argan Oil, Fudge Sea Salt Spray & L’Oreal Elnett hairspray.



Step 1 -Start with freshly washed, towel dried hair.

Spritz lots of sea salt spray all through the hair, roots to tips!  I personally like to use Wella Ocean Spritz.

Step 2 – Spray some medium hold curl enhancer through the ends of your hair.  I use Fudge Liquid Skrewd.



Step 3– I have blonde tips on my hair so i like to get a little bit of Moroccan (Argan) Oil & rub it between my hands then run them through the ends of my hair, to give it a healthy shine!

i would highly recommend this to everyone!

Step 4–  Tip your head upside down (this helps to add volume) & start roughly blow drying hair to get a bit of the moisture out. Run your fingers through it & mess it about to give it some texture.

***If you have especially straight hair, I would recommend adding an extra spritz of sea salt spray now!***

For my second spritzing of sea salt spray, I use Fudge Salt Spray.

Step 5– Using a medium sized round brush, start blow drying your hair (with nozzle on) making sure to lift the roots up as your blow drying for extra volume!

Step 6–  Once you have roughly blow dried you hair, using thick sections, curl your hair with a medium sized hot curling tong. I use a Hi Lift hot tong with one inch barrel.

I always curl my front pieces of hair  (aka wings) going backwards.  However, with the rest of your hair you can alternate which way you curl your sections for a messy look.

The thicker the sections, the better.  If you have very thick hair you can section your hair into smaller sections to make sure you get to every part.

Lightly spray your hair with some hairspray.  I have used L’oreal Elnett.

Now, I bet you see this hair and think you’re finished, right?



Now we don’t want our hair to look like it did when we were going to our year 6 school formal.. back in the NINETIES…

…or even worse, the EIGHTIES!

So what you’re going to do now, is start running your fingers through your hair and pulling the curls apart.  Shake your head around, rough it up a little.. Don’t leave it SO DAMNED RINGLET-Y.

Now that you’ve done that, if you want your hair to look a little rough- around-the-edges and messy, stop your process here.

However, If you like a neater wave, go to step 7.

Step 7 – Brush your hair thoroughly with your brush and again, lightly set with some hairspray.

Et Voila- Beautiful waves are yours to rock!

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