I hear all the excuses all the time from everyone – I don’t have enough time to fit in exercise, can’t afford to join the gym, can’t do it with the kids.

How often do you take the kids to the playground / park or other activities? Why not do you exercise at the same time?

And it is FREE!

The kids playground is a great place to get a great work out and both the kids and you (& your body) will love it!

The equipment at the playgrounds vary but here are some examples of you can do:

  • Monkey Bars (woohoo):
    • Leg raises – great for those lower abs
    • Chin ups – yes they are hard but don’t give up. Every time you do it you keep trying and you will see that you get stronger and stronger and one they your persistence will pay off and you’ll be able to do them.
  • Climbing nets
    • Full body work out climbing around those nets with the kids
  • Without equipment
    • Perform Squats and / or lunges while you wait to catch the kids coming down the slide and when they arrive you lift them (with correct lifting technique of course) and swing them up over your head (and there is your shoulder press incorporated).
    • Squats are also great while you push the kids on the swing
    • Bring your picnic blanket
      • Let the kids roam while you your pushups (they may even “help” by adding some weight on top of you)

Please make sure you stretch afterwards – this will help you with long, lean muscles.

Also bring water and a healthy snack (fresh veggie sticks with hummus and / or some fresh fruit)

For more details: contact Eva @ FIT4YOU Personal Training

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