Bjorn Again and again and again……..

I’ll admit – yes I’m a huge ABBA fan. Growing up with ABBA playing in the house, I had little choice but the embrace the Swedish group. But by choice, I now choose to follow to the daggy dance steps and sing the simple lyrics at the top of my lungs, as if no one is watching.


I write this as I experienced my first Taronga Twilight concert this weekend. The weather was dismal and needless to say, I was less than enthusiastic about taking a picnic and sitting in the pouring rain. We went to see Bjorn Again……. I had seen them not once, but several times before with what was becoming quite a tradition with my mum and my sister.


We got there about 45 minutes before the concert was to start, mostly to secure the best position possible and much to our annoyance, we sat there like stunned mullets with umbrellas and rain coats over us, our gourmet picnic summonsed to remain in the bags. We were less than thrilled. A pricisely 7.30pm the rain stopped and and Bjorn Again dazzled to the stage with Waterloo. Our moods changed instantly and before we knew it we were up dancing and singing to every hit. The words of each and every song rolled off my tongue like poetry and I made a mental note to get the ABBA CDs out when I get home because I just loved the music.


I think the thing that I love the most was that it was my mum who almost made us kids listen to ABBA, and my sister and I love it just the same as her. Bjorn Again were fantastic, they sounded just like the original (complete with corny jokes). We made a pact that seeing Bjorn Again at Taronga Twilight will become an annual family tradition for mum, me, my sis and next year, we’ll bring our kids – 3 generations of ABBA loving……….. bliss!!!!!

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