I have been very fortunate and have been able to watch the first few episodes of the new TV series REVENGE. You may have seen the promo’s on nearly every ad break.

Believe the hype, it is FANTASTIC!

Centred around the revenge plot of Amanda Clarke (played by Emily Vancamp from Brothers and Sisters) after her father is wrongfully accused of committing a terrorist attack and extorting money from the company he works for – made insanely more complicated by the fact he is having an affair with the company’s owner, Conrad Grayson.

I won’t publish any spoilers. But I will tell you, there is lot’s of drama, suspense and eye candy (especially Jack Porter). It makes you question your alliances with right and wrong, and there is a new turn at every corner.

Seven is still being quiet about a start date, but expect something in a couple of weeks – and when it’s on, record or watch it – you won’t be dissapointed!

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