Give your dinner party that WOW factor

So you love to have friends over for dinner but want to do something different to sitting around eating and drinking – girls at one end, boys at the other. The girls sit and talk about kids, complain about their husbands and discuss how they’d like to catch up more and do interesting things. The boys sit there and stroke their egos, talk sport, work and when is the next boy’s card night…….. Sound familiar????


Over the years, my friends have tried to spice up our dinner parties and find some new ways to have a fun night in. We still get together for the casual BBQ but sometimes it’s fun to do something a little different………


We got together with 2 x couples and decided that the boys would cook a course each. Much research was done on the internet to find that perfect dish to impress. We all turned up at a friends house, ingredients in hand and while the girls sat and relaxed with a glass of champagne, the boys were busy talking and rummaging in the kitchen – keen to show their culinary skills and impress with their course. It was a huge hit, food was amazing, lots of laughs and great way to spend the night with great friends. Downside to it though – girls had to clean up!!!!!


Another idea that we’ve done is to have a wine appreciation night. Most of our friends are good wino’s who claim to know a thing or two about their wine. TSo put them to the test, we bought 3 x mixed whites (Chardy, Sav Blanc and Pinot Gris) and 3 x reds (Shiraz, Cab Sav and Pinot Noir), put them in brown paper bags and got everyone to pick what was which wine. Needless to say, those who thought were in the know – weren’t. We served antipasto platters, cheese platters and oysters. No one could drive home but it made for a great fun night.


Themed parties are great and I’m not talking about making your guests wear fancy dress. Themed your dinner by type of cuisine. For Thai – sit your guests around a large coffee table on cushions, do teppenyaki with a large hot plate in the middle of the dining table and all the raw ingredients ready to go for everyone to help out and cook at the table. Do homemade pizzas and provide lots of toppings for everyone to create their own masterpiece. It’s summer, so have a cocktail party (literally), work out a few different cocktails to serve, designate a bottle of alcohol per guest and give those cocktails a name that relates to your guests.


Whatever the occasion, it doesn’t take much to use your imagination and WOW your family and friends.






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