Being a working Mum is kind of like trying to juggle standing on your head, with one arm. It’s a daily struggle that lots of us live with until we burnout (or are admitted). I had a chat to the lovely Penny Webb, founder of the Working Mum’s Masterclass series and the super hilarious blog Sshh Mummys On The Phone. I was really looking forward to talking to Penny, to get an insight on how she manages it all – successful business, kids and managing a home! No, she’s not superwoman, she’s just extremely organised, not too tough on herself and does it all with a great sense of humour (and  fabulous taste in music!).

Penny’s Favourites
Blog: So many choices! Edenland for soul searching,  Styling You is fantastic for fashion, and I love Jane Frosh for inspiration
Online store: – gorgeous and really interesting homewares, has some beautiful towels and  I love Christina Re’s stationery.
Album: The original Fame soundtrack (followed closely by the Xanadu soundtrack)
Book: The Bride Stripped Bare by Nikki Gemmell – so raw and confronting.
Restaurant: Loving Tokio Fans Japanese in Norwest Business.

What inspired you to start the Working Mum’s Masterclass series?

My own struggle. After having my second baby, I was really struggling with time management and exhaustion. As I am a trainer, I was searching  for a course to help me manage my time, family and work. There were alot of courses around about breastfeeding and new babies and courses supporting those in full-time corporate careers but nothing in the middle.

My background is events and training so I already had the skill set to launch the Working Mum’s Masterclass Series.

What exciting events do you have coming up in 2012?

We have just completed the events calendar for 2012. We have 15 events across 4 states in 2 new regions. We will be going to both Adelaide and the Central Coast for the first time. We also launch our  Webinars for the first time, this is a really exciting initiative, with one every month each with a different topic and one or two experts. The first is on the 24th January (this webinar is for back to school).

Check out the 12 month webinar series topics here – they will cover topics like Time Management, Interior Design & Style, Party Planning and Home Organisation! Best thing about webinars? You learn, at home, in your pyjama’s with tea/ wine and no-one can see you!

What are your top 5 time-saving tips for working mums?

1. Schedule everything – don’t leave anything to your memory. Kikki k have some great tools to help.
2. Have a place for everything – a place for shoes, hats, school bags, keys – this helps eliminate clutter
3. Break everything into bite size pieces – whatever it is, housework, your business , break it down into little chunks, it feels more acheivable. For example I’ll vaccuum one day, clean the downstairs toilet another. The Organised Housewife is great for getting you organised in the home, when you sign up she sends you small daily tasks.
4. Menu planning – Sundays, I go through the cupboards and plan out my weekly meals. I use the InnerB Shopping List and Menu Planner.
5. Create a To-do list – don’t rely on mental lists, use tools like evernote or the Kikki K calendars and diaries and the InnerB Mum Organiser.

How do you manage running your own successful business, running a home and looking after your kids?

Basically, it took a while of trial and error. I get up early and work for a few hours while the kids are still in bed. I’ve learnt to never work while the kids are around just during kid free time, which for me is early morning and night and daycare days.

I also schedule ahead -I have  just scheduled 6 months ahead for my work. Finally, I also outsource what I can. Outsource home stuff if you can, depending on your budget. I have just outsourced my marketing, and am looking at getting a book keeper this year. Outsourcing some of these jobs allows me to focus on what I enjoy.

Do you take any time out for yourself? What’s your favourite way to relax?

I read alot. But I hardly get to read books these days as they take too much concentration. I Love my Ipad2 and set myself up read blogs (lots of blogs), magazines and papers. Things that I can pick up and put down. I also see a kinaethiologist every month. You can read about Penny’s H20 Challenge here.

What are you most looking forward to in 2012?

Looking forward to ramping up the Working Mum’s Masterclass events, they are  increasing every year and the addition of our webinars series, which is something I have been working on for a while. Looking forward  to building a real community, more events in more places and helping more mums.

Find Sshh Mummy’s On The Phone Blog & Facebook

The Working Mum’s Masterclass series site & on Facebook



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