sleepless in sydney

My little 8 month old is teething. Or hungry. Or thirsty. Or just needs a cuddle. Or something.

Whatever was the issue (i’m still in the dark) I was up and down like a yo-yo from 2am. Not good when you have to work and have prepare for Master J’s 3rd birthday on Saturday (more of that on Sunday). I’m pretty lucky with Miss B she throws a bad night in here and there to remind me i’m alive but she is pretty easy aside from that. Unlike Master J who never slept at night. He was fabulous at going to sleep, but had a bit of a problem with the staying asleep part. I would be up several times with him at night well into his second year, I was working fulltime at that time too. I understand why sleep deprivation was a form of torture during World War I.

I tried everything with him, a sleep nurse, feeding him more solids, feeding him less solids, keeping a diary of feeding and sleeping, routines, controlled crying (which consisted of about 1 minute crying and me running in there). Nothing really worked. Points for trying though. But something happened, I gave up caring so much about how much sleep I got, stopped thinking about what he ‘should’ be doing, stopped comparing to what other kids his age were doing- and I went with it. I stopped trying to control a baby and went with him instead. It worked.

On the news last night they had a story about a couple who are having a hellish time with twin girls who won’t go to sleep and it has run them both into the ground, so they have done what any desperate parent would do and created a White Noise Ambience App! Featuring hi-res photo’s and 68 different sounds looped together….it claims to have got those little twins sleeping. Of course it does.

Interestingly, experts from the Children’s Hospital recommended against using any sleep crutches for babies as when they wake, they want that crutch again. And the only way you can get baby to sleep is to teach them. Shame they’re not born with that skill. It was also mentioned that it’s the parents expectations are too high. That’s definitely true. There is nothing worse then being groggingly exhausted and someone throwing in how their baby ‘sleeps through’, I know it’s possible but more often then not it just makes the parent who has a party animal for a child feel bad about themself. So zip it.

At the end of the day, our children are babies for such a short time. We spend so much time wanting them to sleep and then they become teenagers and we can’t get them out of bed. So what if you want to cuddle, feed, sing, Irish dance, rock your baby to sleep. It’s your baby. They will sleep soon enough. xx

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  • Great post and so true. It’s hard while it’s happening but once you’re through it you realise how fleeting each stage is! Hopefully Miss 8m is feeling better soon and you’re getting better sleep! I think the worst times were after you’d been getting good night’s sleep then to go back to waking was a terrible shock! Found you on the Organised Housewife linky. :) Come say hi at Just For Daisy

    • She went back to sleeping, and then back to waking! Oh the joys of these gorgeous babes! A full night sleep is a distant memory. Thanks for the comment, will pop over to your blog and say hi.

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