Best & Worst Dressed of 2011

2011 was a year of serious style with some of our favourite celebs rocking out some gorgeous outfits. As usual, there are also those ‘what the hell are they thinking’ celebs who can’t quite grasp the less-is-more concept. Check out our list – what were your favourite best and worst dressed moments of 2011?

BEST OF 2011


Victoria Beckham

She wasn’t called posh for nothing – she is always dressed perfectly in well tailored, smart, stylish and sophicated wares. And why wouldn’t she be when she has her very own, very successful label.



Olivia Palermo

For all those The City fans, love her or hate her, this New Yorker has style. Always dressed in the latest designer styles and perfectly accessorised, she epitomises New York chic……




Natalie Bassingthwaighte

She graced our TV screens on The X Factor looking effortlessly glamourous each and every week. We love that she’s not afraid to mix it up – going from glam to rock chic and pulling it off each and every time.




Kourtney Kardashian

She’s the lesser known Kardashian but the oldest of the OTT family. Mum to gorgeous 2 year old Mason and another one of the way – Kourtney is the driving force behind their now famous DASH stores and clothing collection. She gets it right every time, from jumpsuits to maxi skirts and teeny tiny bikini’s, she’s definitely the hit of the family!!!



Jesinta Campbell

Jesinta burst onto our TV screens in this years Celebrity Apprentice. The former Miss Universe Australia showed us that she has more than just a great body and good looks – she has the complete package – brains, beauty and style.




Rachel Zoe

As one of the world’s top stylist, it’s no surprise that Rachel makes our best dressed list. From her vintage style to boho style, she always looks picture perfect with oversized sunglasses, sky high heels and fur vests and jackets. She is the envy of most women with her own personal vintage collection of Chanel, Dior, Valentino rumoured to be worth several hundred thousand dollars.



Nicki Minaj

Come on……we’ve got Gaga, we don’t need another one. We’re bored with the candy pink hair and outrageous OTT outfits, been there, done that.




Lady Gaga

Enough already – you’re a super talent so don’t let the ridiculous shoes and outfits that you can’t walk in, sit in or stand in ruin it for you…….




The entire cast of Jersey Shore

Where do we start??? Gals – we don’t need to see your boobs, butts or briefs (or sometimes none – eek). Put it away please…… Guys – stop with the spray tan, the spray on t-shirts and copious amounts of spray in the hair!!!




Brynne Edelsten

We know you have big boobs – put them away, please………


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