The first time I discovered the work of Tabitha Emma was on etsy a few months ago. I love etsy, in fact I think I’m a little obsessed, I’m always scouring around looking for amazing talent, a quirky find, a beautiful design. Tabitha Emma is all three.




Online store:

Album: I’m more a singles person. But I do like the Ministry of Sound albums.

Book: Keepsakes- Frances Hansen

Restaurant: Flying Fajita Sisters, Glebe.

Who or what inspires you and why?

I’m inspired by the urban and natural environment, and vintage treasures. I love texture, things that are worn, aged and have a history.

When did you first discover your talent?

My mother is an artist, and when I was little, she taught me to draw, paint and make things. Rather than it being a discovery, it has always been apart of me. I was brought up creative and never stopped pursuing it. I remember even in Kindergarten being praised by the teacher for my drawings.

All of your designs and illustrations have a fantastic retro feel, what is it about the past that you love?

It’s imperfectness, and detail. Modern things are too slick and perfect, I prefer I bit of texture and  imperfection. Something with history and meaning.

10 words to describe yourself as an artist…..

Feminine, nostalgic, quirky, textured, soft, detailed, retro, dreamy and old soul.

You’re being sent to a deserted island. You can only bring 5 things or people with you, who or what would they be?

Assuming there is electricity Laptop, fiancé, cameras (instax and digital) and bottled water.

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