Confessions of a Spray-Tan-A-Holic

Hello. My name is Susan and I am addicted to spray tan. It has been almost one week since my last tan. The days before I am due for my next fix can be hard. The evidence from the last spray is hanging on for dear life not wanting to let go (and it breaks my heart to exfoliate it off), my make up is just a little too dark to match the pale skin that is shining through and that gorgeous melon colour dress that l wore to the beach last weekend is now making me look like I just got washed out with the tide! My appointment is booked for Thursday. I just need to make it through Wednesday cold turkey and then everything will be just fine…
Work Christmas Parties. Family BBQ’s. Impromptu lunch with girlfriends. Last minute drinks. Late night shopping!!! It is that unpredictable time of year when your calender books out fast and you can never have enough party dresses. The only way I can feel prepared is to know that I have an awesome tan!
I had my first spray tan just over a year ago. It was an experiment my cousin and I were doing to see if it would be a good look for her wedding day. Little did I know that every week after that I would have to return to get my fix. Before I stood naked in front of the loaded spray tan gun for the first time I admit I was a non-believer. A dedicated do-it-yourself-tanner since the 7th grade (I won’t go into details about the first time I tried to use my sisters self-tanner when I was 9. Let’s just say I woke up looking like a giraffe, orange with brown spots all over! I thought it was funny, my mother did not! It was then I became friends with the exfoliating gloves…) I spent years perfecting the application. After learning from many mistakes, trials and errors, I actually think I got the process damn near perfect. My self-tan of choice ended up being St. Tropez tanning mouse. It went on very easy, blended well and gave an instant natural colour. I tried many brands over the years, both cheap and expensive, and I found this to be the best for me. I thought I would always remain faithful to St. Tropez and that the idea of a spray tan was a waste of money. I didn’t realise that I could fall in love with another!
I walked into the Bel hair and Beauty salon at Norwest with an open mind and my cousin at my side. I didn’t really know what to expect. I then meet Pamela for the first time and She made me feel relaxed. It was obvious that she had been spray tanning for years. So I stood at her mercy naked in front of her gun with my hands in the air! Slowly my pale white body became sprayed with a perfect dark tan. I was being transformed. After a few minutes the spray tan was complete. I looked in the mirror and I fell in love. It is amazing how even and deep the colour is, especially on hands and feet which is something I could never master myself at home. I don’t tan naturally at all. Even if I did, I don’t think I would expose my skin to the sun because of the risk of skin cancer, freckles or premature wrinkles! Having a spray tan is a safe way to get the ‘I have just spent a month at St. Tropez!” without the health risks. It makes my body look more toned and covers all imperfections. My clothes look so much better on and I know if I need to throw on a party dress one night my body is ready! I think the part that has me addicted the most is how confident it makes me feel. There is nothing better than doing something for yourself that can give you an instant boost.
Of course to every addiction there is a downside. $39 a week and only last approximately 5 days before the colour begins to wear off. :( But lucky for me at Bel Hair & Beauty they have a frequent tanner card – every 5th tan is half price and the 10th one is free! (I know, I am not the only tan-aholic in the Hills District! There are others that share my addiction). The girls who work there are always smiling, welcoming and friendly. It is like walking into a girlfriends house. My 5 year old thinks it is ‘Boring’. My 3 year old plays ‘spray tan’ at home. He can spend up to half an hour pretending to tan himself. My Husband thinks I am crazy. And maybe I am. They don’t call it the silly season for no reason! I just manage to extend the summer tanning season all the way through autumn, winter, spring…

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